Israel's front-line thugs
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2008-08-11 01:35:31 UTC
Israel's front-line thugs
Consistent stands against the depravity of the West Bank's lawless
settlers are the only way to put an end to their crimes

Seth Freedman
Thursday August 07 2008 08:00 BST

News that leftwing activists are facing increased pressure to stay out
of the West Bank is a worrying development in local politics,
especially at a time when settler attacks on Palestinians are on the
increase. Rather than clamp down on the settlers perpetrating the
violence, the authorities are pursuing a path of locking the doors to
the outside world and pretending that nothing at all is amiss.

Not all settlers are inherently violent; to portray their entire
subgroup as such is as disingenuous as claiming that all Palestinians
are fanatics just because there are radical elements in their midst.
However, just because all settlers shouldn't be tarred with the same
brush doesn't excuse the inaction and indifference on the part of the
Israeli authorities when faced with the crimes of the extremists among
the settler population.

Of late, there has been a steady stream of brutal assaults carried out
by settlers against their Palestinian neighbours in the West Bank,
right under the noses of the lackadaisical army. The phenomenon is,
sadly, nothing new; what has brought the story back into the spotlight
are the efforts of human rights groups, such as B'Tselem to film the
violence and document the shocking reality on the ground – which is
why, it seems, the authorities are so keen to clamp down on their
activity in the region.

However, the settlers don't confine their vindictive and vicious
attacks to Palestinians; they are not averse to attacking their Jewish
peers either. Two recent incidents amply demonstrated the extent to
which the Wild West Bank has become bandit country, with no sheriff's
posse daring to stand up to the rogue elements holding the region at

First up was a Breaking the Silence tour to Hebron, whose bus was
surrounded by jeering settlers who blocked their path and showered
those aboard with abuse. Instead of intervening on behalf of the
victims of the threatening mob, the police "did not manage to disperse
the mob", "no arrests were made", and in the end they simply ordered
the tour group to return from whence they came.

Then another Breaking the Silence group came under attack from settler
vigilantes, who doused the participants with boiling water after
confronting them in the streets of Hebron and heckling them with cries
of "traitor", and other such hostile invective.

For anyone who's been to Hebron, Kiryat Arba, or any of the
settlements which play home to the extremist hardcore of the settler
movement, incidents such as those in Hebron, or the assaults in
Susiya, are by no means surprising. Being subjected to settler abuse
and attack is part and parcel of the experience for Israeli left-
wingers and Palestinian locals alike. Sordid as it may be, the depths
to which many settlers have sunk is merely a symptom of the malaise
infecting Israeli society, rather than the cause.

Radical elements exist in every religion, in every ethnic group, and
in every country. Human nature dictates that there will always be
those for whom conforming to societal norms is antithetic to their
bigoted, boorish ways – but that is when those charged with keeping
order in society are meant to be put into play. In Israel, the state
apparatus should, in theory, be mobilised to full effect to quell any
illegal activity, whether carried out by right- or left-winger, Jew or

The security forces are, of course, by no means scared to act when it
suits them. Palestinian demonstrations are routinely put down with
excessive force: rocks flung by pre-teens are countered with rubber
bullets, tear gas, and – often – live and indiscriminate fire. But
when it comes to clamping down on violence emanating from the settler
community, a different set of rules apply, and the authorities'
reeking hypocrisy is exposed as endemic to the way in which they view
the different strands of Israeli society.

I've witnessed the double standards for myself countless times, from
the kid-glove treatment my platoon used when evicting the settlers of
Homesh to the heavy-handed brutality meted out by the border police in
the Palestinian villages of Bil'in and Nilin. What is explained away
as "necessary in the interests of security" in one situation is turned
on its head in another; softly-softly replacing an all-out show of
force, simply because the assailants in question are religious Jews
rather than Muslims.

The longer the duplicity is allowed to thrive in the military and
political spheres in Israel, the worse the violence will get on the
part of the settlers' lunatic fringe. Giving them carte blanche to
engage in low-level crime only encourages them to see how much more
they can get away with, in their attempts to intimidate and bully
anyone they see as against them in their holy war.

There's unlikely to be a sea-change any time soon in the upper
echelons of Israeli politics, given their tacit support of the
settlement enterprise in turning a blind eye to illegal construction,
and the army's providing of military support to settlers the length
and breadth of the West Bank. However, there has to be a concerted
effort on the parts of all with an interest in human rights to follow
B'Tselem's lead and apply sufficient pressure on Israeli judges to see
court cases through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Only by taking consistent and courageous stands against the depravity
of the lawless settlers will there be an end to their crimes. The
police force and army seem uninterested in calling them to heel, or
allowing activists to bear witness to their crimes; it can only be
hoped that the legal system is made of sterner, and more moral, stuff
than them.

2008-08-11 06:06:51 UTC
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At what point is it okay to fight dictators like Saddam or the al
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Tears of Jihad: http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad

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