Arrest made in New Franklin slayings; suspect was black boyfriend of bludgeoned white liberal couple's black daughter
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Daily Negro
2018-05-16 10:22:49 UTC
Yes that is correct. These two white liberal dimwits adopted
black and it cost them their lives.


NEW FRANKLIN: Authorities said Thursday that Shawn Eric Ford
Jr., 18, has been arrested on aggravated murder charges in the
bludgeoning deaths of a prominent couple at their Portage Lakes
area home Tuesday.

Ford has been identified as the boyfriend of the slain couple’s
daughter, who remains hospitalized following a violent assault
on her by another man less than two weeks ago.

According to Akron police records, Ford witnessed that attack.

Police announced Ford’s arrest at a news conference at New
Franklin City Hall, when New Franklin police, investigators from
the Akron Police Department and New Franklin city officials gave
details of their investigation.

A Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office report, which was
released hours earlier, stated that investigators found a
sledgehammer on the bed in the couple’s bedroom, to the right of
Jeffrey Schobert’s body.

Schobert, 56, was a well-known area attorney, and his wife,
Margaret J. “Peg” Schobert, 59, was an active volunteer for
various Summit County groups.

A construction worker found their bodies about 2:20 p.m. Tuesday
and called 911.

Records show that a medical examiner’s investigator, Mike Halas,
arrived at the Schobert residence on Rex Lake Drive in New
Franklin at 5:09 p.m. and reported that both bodies were in the
master bedroom.

He reported that Jeff Schobert was dressed in black boxer
shorts. He had a “large laceration” in the center of the

Peg Schobert’s body was on the bedroom floor between the bed and
a dresser. She was fully clothed, wearing a black coat, brown
shirt, blue jeans and brown boots, the report said. She had
suffered lacerations to the face, the area of the right eye and
the forehead.

Before the slayings, according to the agency’s records, Peg
Schobert spent all of Monday night at Akron Children’s Hospital.
The couple’s 18-year-old daughter, Chelsea, is recovering from
multiple injuries suffered in a March 23 attack on Andrus Street
in Akron.

Peg Schobert arrived home at 6:05 a.m. Tuesday, and a text
message was sent from her cellphone “re/boyfriend,” the records

At 8 a.m., workers who have been remodeling a portion of the
Schobert home arrived to continue work at the property, which
provides a sprawling, scenic view of the lake to the west. They
had been allowed access to the home and were unaware the
Schoberts were in the residence.

At 10:20 a.m., Peg Schobert’s cellphone “pinged” a location in
Akron, near Hill Street. There were no additional details about
that call in the agency’s report.

Halas reported that both bodies were “cool to touch” — an
indication the Schoberts had been dead for several hours before
the official pronouncement of death was made at 2:39 p.m.

A Summa City Hospital doctor made that pronouncement of death
after New Franklin emergency paramedics contacted him about 17
minutes after their arrival at the home.

Pat Gillespie, a medical examiner’s spokesman, confirmed that
the cause of death in both cases was blunt-impact injuries to
the head.

Suspect in custody

Ford, who has been in custody since Tuesday night, is being held
in Portage County Jail on a charge of obstruction of justice.
His bond was set at 10 percent of $350,000.

Another case against him is pending in Summit County, following
a March 18 guilty plea to a charge of felony robbery. He was
free on bond, awaiting a sentencing date scheduled for April 15.

Thursday afternoon, detectives from New Franklin and Akron
signed charges against Ford for two counts of aggravated murder,
two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of aggravated
burglary and grand theft in connection with the Rex Lake Drive

New Franklin Detective Mike Hitchings and Akron Lt. Rick Edwards
declined to release specific details about when the Schobert
slayings occurred or a possible motive. They cited the ongoing

They did confirm Ford was Chelsea Schobert’s boyfriend.

Hitchings said “physical evidence in different locations” linked
Ford to the crime. Money was taken from the home, and the
Schoberts’ sport utility vehicle, a blue Mazda CX-9, was found
abandoned in West Akron on Wednesday.

Beacon Journal staff writer Jim Carney contributed to this
report. Ed Meyer can be reached at 330-996-3784 or

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